Password Help

If you subscribed to Ameridex through Paypal, then the userid and password that were initially assigned to you are available by logging into Paypal. Select All Activity. Find the subscription creation entry for Ameridex Information Systems and click the Detail link to uncover the userid and password.

If you did not signup using Paypal or changed your password, then send email to Please include your email address in the body of the message.

Userids and passwords are case-sensitive and must be entered in the correct upper and lower case letters.

Note that even though you setup your browser to automatically provide the password for Ameridex, you may on occasion still have to reenter the userid and password. This is because we sometimes switch our database servers and related IP addresses. Only the IP addresses of the main pages at and remain constant. You should only bookmark these main pages as bookmarks to any other pages will not work if we switch servers.